The ThemeLoom widgets that are bundled with your theme provide some powerful and flexible tools for building your site easily and quickly.

Show Posts

Drag and drop to fill the widgetized areas of your theme with posts and post thumbnails.

You can choose a post category, the number of posts to display and select whether to show images, headings and/or the post excerpts.

You can even select a column layout, so that in larger widgetized areas such as those on our theme’s homepages, you can have your posts display in 2, 3 or 4 columns layouts.

Show Pages

The Show Pages widget does pretty much what the Show Posts widget does, but for pages.

You can show page thumbnails (yes that’s right!) for all child pages of a selected parent page. You can show in a column layout and select headings and excerpts as with the Show Posts widget.

Everything on the themeloom homepage is built by dragging these widgets into place! Neat eh?

Twitter Widget

Drag this widget into any widgetized area of your theme and choose the number of tweets for a display of your tweets that is fully integrated into your theme’s design.


Show flickr images from a user or group. Uses the flickr official badge code.

Shortcodes too!

The show posts and show pages widget functionality can also be accessed via a shortcode inside any page or post, giving you a very flexible way to build content layout.