So you want to know what you can and can’t do with the Loom‘s content and themes?


All our WordPress themes and plugins are provided under a GNU General Public License. By purchasing a Premium theme you are gaining access to the theme, updates and support through membership of the Loom. Customers can under this license use the theme on multiple sites.


Purchase of a Premium theme includes membership of the Loom. You can also purchase a 12 month membership if you are using the free themes. You can cancel your membership at any time with 7 days notice. Members with a 12 month membership should note that they will be billed annually and that notice of cancellation should be given 7 days before due date.


Priority support is offered to all members of the Loom. Please use the priority contact form in the Support section. We cannot guarantee that support requests from non-members will be answered.


Premium theme updates are available to customers who have made a purchase for that theme.


We do not issue refunds since these are digital goods. If you are a non-profit and have good reason for asking for a refund we may at our discretion offer one as a gesture of good will.