How to find Post, Page and Category IDs

Many themes and plugins require you to enter the ID of a post, page or category in an options page. For example when setting up the menus for the Mu Theme you can exclude certain pages by entering the IDs of pages you want to leave out of the menu. For beginners it isn’t obvious where to find these IDs. read on

How to add thumbnail images to posts

Some of the themes available on the Loom generate thumbnails and header images on the fly. To make this possible each post or page can have an image associated with it. The url for this image is stored in the custom field post-image. To make it easier to access, in premium themes an additional panel is shown in the post and page and edit screens where you can add the url.

Post Image Field

Images are best uploaded using the normal WordPress media upload features. You can then copy the url of the image into the post-image field.

Images must be located locally on the domain where your WordPress is installed.