Confused and bewildered by the huge number of plugins available for WordPress? Tired of testing and rejecting plugins that just don’t make the grade?

We’d like to help you get started by giving you our A-list of plugins. These are plugins which we regularly use on projects and which do what they are supposed to do (in our experience at least). We intend to maintain this list and are open to suggestions. But we are only going to recommend one or at most two in each category. You can search Google or the plugin repository on to find alternatives.

Disclaimer: You use all plugins listed here at your own risk. Always backup before adding a new plugin.


Category – Subcategory Plugin Our Rating (out of 10)
Restrict Login Attempts Limit Login Attempts 9
Scheduled Backups
Anti-SPAM Akismet  9
Invisible Captcha 10
Firewall WordPress Firewall 2  8
HTML Tables MCE Table Buttons 10
Page Layout Page Builder 10
Import/Export Widget Settings Importer 8