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    – css tweaks to new widgets
    – corrected a couple of IE issues and added meta http-equiv to header
    – corrected widget alignment problem appearing in some cases
    – updated enqueues for 3.3 compatability

    Pre 2.6 users should re-save each themeloom widget in Appearance-Widgets.


    Guy Hall

    By re-save do you mean to drag the widget back to where you want it or do something else?


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    No, just open the widget instance and click the small save button inside each widget. This should be enough.


    Fishers Church
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    Please help me! Every widget change I attempt to make to my Xi-Themed site fails Even adding a plain text widget with the word test fails. I can change an existing text widget to read text, but NOTHING else works. Do I have a corrupt database? I am flabbergasted and losing hair. I look forward to your help! My site is http://fishersofmen.org. All posts look great, but it is the changing of widgets or widgeted sidebars that I can’t seem to overcome. I do fine on my test site (http://cleantest.fishersofmen.org/) so what gives?
    Please help. I will email you my username and password (I am Admin). ANYTHING! Please!


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    Send us a login and we’ll take a look.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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