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    Nick Truscott
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    I created a page in which I had included a bulleted list. I changed the bulleted list to be “” which was fine (although as always, when applying this feature, the “” is inserted AFTER the first bulleted item in the list, and it inserts an additional “” BEFORE the final bulleted item – so whenever you apply this special format you have to go to HTML view and correct it.

    Anyway….. I then decided to change the format of that page and split it into two columns. Fine. I then moved some text into the first column (fine) and then the bulleted list into the second column (not fine).

    As soon as I moved the bulleted “list-tick” into the second column, the was removed – so I had to reapply the again manually.

    Not a big issue, just rather fiddly and a bit frustrating.

    No need for a response Tim – just wanted to make you aware (in case you didn’t already know).



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    I think your post must have included some code which has disappeared when submitted. please insert code using tags above edit box.

    Your post is therefore a little tricky to understand.

    If your issues are related to visual editor, then yes I’m afraid the WordPress visual editor is pretty fiddly sometimes. While we have provide some quick ways to insert styles and layout in the editor, they can only be a starting point. Sometimes you will end up needing to revert to the html editor to make things right since the editor can really mess up code when you start moving stuff around.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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