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    Roger Leitch
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    Suggestion aimed at church users, for a simple effective way of recording talks.

    http://www.sermon.net provides a free service for christian groups.
    (Paid service adds video capability).
    Simply register, then login and upload your talks.
    They can include information, such as date/subject,speaker etc.

    Once logged in, you can copy code, that you simply paste into your site, which embeds a media player listing your talks.

    People can access your talks via the plug in, direct at http://sermon.net/yourname or use itunes or podcast player at http://sermon.net/yourname/rss

    Simple, effective and I recomend it.


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    Is there a WordPress plugin?

    This topic is rather close to being spam! I wouldn’t like to see these forums fill up with recommendations to paid services. I may have to delete this topic.


    Roger Leitch
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    There are wordpress plug-ins that do a similar thing, I looked at these.
    (Sermon Browser does most of what I wanted).
    Problem is that each 30-40 minute talk uses 25 Mbytes of storage as well as the bandwidth used by people playing the talks.

    It means that there can be a hosting cost / management impact.

    Uploading files that size usually means FTP, followed by adding a record that points to the uploaded file.
    (I have used a dropbox public shareed folder to host the MP3 files, which worked reasonably well).

    The sermon.net option is just simple to use, a one off paste the code into your site.
    Adding a talk is achieved using a form on thier website to upload the mp3 and associated powerpoints / pdfs.
    (I have given this part to our AV team, takes 5 minutes following a meeting).

    Only downside is being flash, the player does not work with Apple devices,
    They need a Podcast playing APP or subscribe to the RSS feed in Itunes.

    My wishlist would be for a HTML5 podcast player plug-in for WordPress which would fix this neatly.


    Roger Leitch
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    Installed “Audio Link Player” plug-in.
    Used the Standard wordpress RSS widget configured to my sermon.net/myname/rss/ feed.

    Result is a RSS feed with an in line play button by each recording.
    I think this should work from an Ipad/Iphone, but have not yet tested it.

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