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    Russ Lane
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    Starting anew, and 2.4 will not upload, so I’m still working with Mint 3.2. Site is wekeepitoff.com, but presently coming soon page is up.

    I know in theory these should not be a big deal, but for the life of me there’s a few things I just can’t make happen:

    A) I replaced the slider with the logo; how could I arrange it so the logo appears as normal on the remaining pages? In theory I could exclude the front page in header.php, but I get stopped determining the exact code for it.

    B) While I’m asking questions, Is it possible to use the slider tech in a widget area?

    C) I read the post on making excepts of the category pages, but how to amend content.php to not include full posts did not quite sink in.

    D) I also noticed the spacing of my main menu seems a wee bit high. I realized there’s only so much that can be done with spacing because of the site’s adaptability to web pages, but I wanted to check.

    (I normally use the Codex for most coding questions but the code structure here eludes me).


    Russ Lane
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    …and apparently my tomfoolery caused the site to break, such that I cannot pull up individual posts now. Going to try to reload a untouched content.php form the zip file.


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    Sorry for slow response, but are you still needing help with this?

    A) – you seem to have logo workign?

    B) – there is no widget for the slider

    C) – Not quite sure what you are asking here?

    D) – You can adjust menu spacing with a bit of css. Mostly by adding custom CSS for:
    .nav-menu a {
    padding: 9px 1.5em;


    Russ Lane
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    Thanks Themeweaver.

    C is my biggest issue. When I click a subheading, I get articles in full in one long mass as a result. I’m trying to get excepts only for readability and user friendliness. I’ve been battling that.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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