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    at the moment, the Slider disappears, as soon as a certain width of the browser-window is reached. This way, on the iPhone you cannot see the slider at all. Is it possible, to change the minimum width to the iPhone default screensize?

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    Not really. This is how it works for mobiles (and not just iphones).

    You should bear in mind that image resizing is done by the browser, so it was felt that on mobiles to download a set of large images for the slider was too much.

    The theme uses media queries in extend/layouts/responisve1.css. You could edit these it you want, but we have spent some time testing and working with different devices.

    Users on mobile devices, we felt should be given a more useful format. Filling the screen with a slider is nto that useful even on an iPhone.

    We may review/refine this, but for now this is how Xi has beend designed.


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    I thought I would offer my work-around for this, as it might help others.
    1. I use the theme options-slider-slider category, and use a category I created called “slider” (note: I made this be a child category under another category called “Featured).
    2. I also changed the theme options-slider to pull posts NOT Features.
    3. I placed the themeloom “show posts” widget into First Homepage Area. I set this up as follows:
    title: Latest From [mysite]!
    category: Featured
    number of posts: [your desired number, I did 8]
    More Link Text: Click Here For More News!
    More link URL: http://mydomain.org/category/featured/
    Checked the boxes for “Show post thumbnails” AND “Show post heading”
    Layout: selected two columns

    Now, when I write posts that I want to be in the slider AND be seen when the slider is gone (on a mobile phone), I make sure to select BOTH the parent category of “Featured” and the child category beneath it “Slider” [you don’t have to do them as parent child, but rather than have alphabet decide, I did–it means I can also remember turn off the slider category if I want because it is quickly noticeable].
    I also make sure to add a featured image AND I ensure ALL of the ones I insert are EXACTLY 1024 x 480 [I didn’t like how all the content on my page re-adjusted every time an image with different dimensions rotated in].
    This ensures my site visitors see the latest content first, which is generally what you want to feature in a slider anyway. If I want something in the slider that is “static” but doesn’t need to show up in the “latest news” section, I merely unchecked the “featured” category on that post and voila!
    This works for me, and I hope it can help someone else!


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    Thanks for this.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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