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    Andrew Gee
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    I am just starting to use WordPress and will be using the Mint theme for our church website. We currently use Joomla and the slider that is used will display any post we choose regardless if it has images or not. Does the slider in the Mint theme act the same way or do you have to have a featured image, if so is there away to change that behavior? Also is there a way to remove the background color for the text when it appears in the slider?



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    The slider uses feature images. If a post or feature does not have a feature image it is not slide.

    The background color of text in slides is set in theme options to be the ‘accent’ color. In the demo this is green but it can be any color.

    If you want the bg color to be different than the accent color then you will need some custom css which can be placed in the custom css field in theme options.


    Andrew Gee
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    OK thanks. I am used to a slider that allows posts to be shown even if they are text only. Is there away to position the image and wrap text around it or will it always want to fill the slide?

    Are there any widgets that you know of that will work with these themes that allow posts of any content type?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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