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    nikolaj mokry
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    Hi, first of all – thank you for your nice theme with lots of usefull features… but sadly I have noticed two problems:

    First – when you resize browser window wide enough, sidebar get strangely shrinked (tested chrome and safari):
    see here: http://codemode.cz/about-codemode/ when i resize back to small sizes it gets ideal for a while again :(( confusing and definitelly not nice looking.

    Other thing is – I am not sure, that your custom font feature is working in Chrome – I get plain serif instead, which also isn’t very nice.

    Hope to hear some advice from you – and good work on the new theme – looking forward to buy that one also.

    nick / prague.


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    Font Magra seems to be working in my Chrome browser on your site. Was there a specific font that wasn’t working?

    With regards sidebars. Sidebar 1 is the outer sidebar which as the screen gets smaller repositions under sidebar 2 (inner). So for some sizes they will be wider. Sidebar 3 provides full sidebar width at the top at all sizes.

    You currently only have widgets in sidebar1, the outer sidebar. So at full desktop the gap is for sidebar 2. Try moving theme to sb3 or adding some widgets to sb2.

    The setup provides a great deal of flexibility, but you have to make a choice as to which sidebars and combinations of widgets works for you.

    Also facebook widgets are not responsive, so they will not scale properly in a responsive theme.


    nikolaj mokry
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    thank you very much for quick response. i will dig deeper into sidebars – i have most certainly overlooked something! strange stuff with this chrome – will test on more computers

    thank you again and wish you a nice sunny weekend

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