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    Nick Truscott
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    It may be my ignorance, but the theme appears to be ignoring image sizes that are set in widgets. Is this to do with the ‘responsive’ nature of the theme?

    If this is the case, presumably if I want to show images in the sidebar or footer (in widgets) I need to design the images the exact size I want them to show? or is there another way around this.

    Sorry about all the questions – that’s what comes of having to sit up nursing a sick dog and working on the site to stay awake!!


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    The responsive nature of the theme does have a big impact on images. Generally images fill space, up to their max size. The theme actually strips dimensions from img tags to achieve this.

    The themeloom widgets certainly depend on this to work responsively with the various options.

    For images used in say a text widget, you will need to make them the correct size to avoid resizing. Though they will shrink if user browser resizes to smaller window – that’s why it is responsive.

    The actual sizes used by the theme are documented in user guide. These are chosen as appropriate sizes for max case.


    Nick Truscott
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    many thanks – I get it now. I had seen the image sizes but didn’t connect that you could’nt resize them using html.



    Roger Leitch
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    I found this out the same way….

    If you want images a specific shape / size in posts / pages you have to edit them to shape / size and upload them that way.

    It means you need some apply thought and creativity to images as most of the theme standard sizes are a letter box shape.

    Pretty cool how they all resize onto small screens like smart phones.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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