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    Fishers Church
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    I’ve created a test site for a church I am helping update their website (they purchased their own copy of Lush). We have the show posts widget in 2nd homepage area . No matter how I tweak the settings, I get posts “stacking” instead of following the column choice designated. As I look closely at the images, the two that are stacking instead of following the column designation seem to have slightly larger images. But even images turned off in the widget, the stacking happens and column choice remains broken. Please help me see what is wrong! Thanks!
    Jerry McNamara
    Fishers Church Tech

    The demo site is at http://logtest.wowyouwebsitedesign.com/


    Fishers Church
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    An update: the show posts widget appears fine on an ipad, but broken (looks as described earlier) on my imac 24″ in both Chrome and Safari. Looks ok on my wife’s macbook pro…do I just have something broken on MY computer? If so, I am sorry to be of bother, but if you have a clue how to get my machine to see and render web pages as the rest of the world does, I would be deeply grateful!


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    I don’t have a magic wand. Have you tried clearing your cache. Otherwise site looks fine here too.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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