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    Tim Brocklehurst
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    Hello there, I have a site for a client and we recently migrated to a new server, running Plesk instead of Cpanel.

    There have been numerous issues with file permissions, which may give a clue to the problems we’re facing currently.

    This is the website: http://annachromy.com

    There are two issues in particular which I hope you might help me with.

    1. The slider no longer shows on the homepage. I have been reading items in the forum and checked all the usual – we are not set to a static page, we’re using Featured posts, and we have ALL selected for category. You will see just a thin grey line where the slider should be.

    2. The drop-down menus are now defaulting to the same width as the top menu. This means titles of 2 or three words span 2 or three lines. It used to default to the width of the widest item and I don’t know why it has changed.

    Really hoping you can help with these items. Grateful for any advice or assistance asap.

    Thank you


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    Both your issues suggest the jquery code for slider and menus are not working. There appear to be a number of JavaScript errors on your site.

    The most likely cause is a plugin you are using. Disable all plugins until you find the cause.


    Tim Brocklehurst
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    Thanks for that….

    Yes – we finally found the culprit. It was the [WP UI – Tabs, accordions and more] plugin which was causing a jscript error on the homepage. – in case it helps anyone.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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