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    Rob Schwartz
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    Loving the theme! Updated to 3.4.2 and it seems to have made the page container invisible.

    brainbuffet.net is the site. Everything else working AMAZING!!! Might even look cool but the headers have a white Background… not sure if they’re supposed to or if that’s the only part of the BG still working. 🙂


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    Very unlikely to be due to upgrade. We have this running here in 3.4.2 and in 3.5 (dev version).

    This looks more like an issue with custom css or missing html tags.

    You are using a child theme, so does the parent theme render correctly if you active it?


    Rob Schwartz
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    Nope, just activated the parent. I’ll leave it up for ya for a bit. But it didn’t fix the issue.

    By the way, this is the main site on a WPMU/Buddypress site.

    This is the content of style.css for the child theme:

    Theme Name: BB Lushchild
    Description: Child theme for the Living OS LUSH theme
    Author: Rob Schwartz
    Template: LivingOS-Lush
    Tags: buddypress

    @import url(“../LivingOS-Lush/style.css”);

    if you want to access the site, email me direct and I’m OK giving you login info.

    I can’t remember if I used FTP or the included upload theme function of WP to install this one.



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    Your issue is caused by css added by the layerslider plugin you seem to have installed.

    This plugin adds:

    #main {
    overflow: visible !important;

    on line 37 of layerslider.css.

    This is incompatible with the grid css framework used in the theme.

    Try disabling the plugin to check.


    Rob Schwartz
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    That was it!! Thanks!

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