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    karin wood
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    WP Dashboard sees my MintChild theme, but when I activate it via WP, my site looks hideous: almost completely unformatted (think internet circa 1997: lots of Times New Roman and bulleted lists, without a hint of Mint’s layout, fonts, or styling).

    Clearly I’m missing something.

    I pulled my child code directly from ThemeLoom’s Codex, and I’ve created a child theme folder [LivingOS_MintChild] at the same level as the Mint theme folder. Its onluy contents are style.css, below.

    Here’s my code

    Theme Name: LivingOS_MintChild
    Theme URI: http: //growthspurtcoaching.com/
    Description: Child Theme for LivingOS_Mint
    Author: Karin Storm Wood
    Author URI: http: //karinstormwood.com/
    Template: LivingOS_Mint
    Version: 1.0

    /* import parent styles */
    @import url(“../LivingOS_Mint/style.css”);

    That’s all it contains.

    Theoretically, since the child theme doesn’t even include any CSS to override the parent, shouldn’t the child look identical to the parent?



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    Yes, from what you say it sounds like it isn’t finding the stylesheet. The line you have looks ok and should be all you need initially to import parent styles.

    If you view source in your browser do you find a link to the stylesheet in the head section? Does it resolve if you copy link url of stylesheet into your browser address bar.

    Do you have a url I can view?


    karin wood
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    Hey, thanks. As it happens, I just found a plugin for creating new child themes on the fly via WP dashboard — and that worked. So far, the WP Editor is letting me adjust the child CSS without problems. Cheers.


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    That’s quite useful. Which plugin is that?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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