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    karin wood
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    Newbie here.
    I’m having trouble making basic color changes to header-container, header, and main b/c the css for it is in extend/layout.css. Below, only the .widget-title and h1 overrides are working.

    /* call up mint style.css in order to adjust it */
    @import url("../LivingOS_Mint/style.css");
    /* call up mint layout.css in order to adjust it */
    @import url("../LivingOS_Mint/extend/layout.css");
    header-container {
        		border-top:4px solid #eaeaea;
    header {
    		background: #ddddbb;
    main {
    		background: #ddddbb;
    .widget-title {
    		background: #ddddbb;
    h1		{	
    		color: #774433;

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    If this is the actual code then you have missed the dots or hashes off some of the selectors. E.g. #main{ }.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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