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    Roger Leitch
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    I have just purchase Grow in your Cyber Monday offer.

    I am now planning to refresh a site using the new cool features.
    This means updating images to the new sizes.

    An old issue has come back – widget image sizes.

    If you want the widget image and header image to look the same, without being cropped, then the image size ratios needs to be the same.

    I got around this before by adding new image sizes to functions.php in a child theme.
    I can do this, so it’s not a problem, but perhaps this is something that could be added as standard?
    Either include Half and Quarter header sizes or an option to upload a widget image separate to the header image.

    The other concern the Theme help says images will be stretched:
    Apart from it referring to “Mint” rather than “Grow” – what ratios are needed to avoid stretching?

    Image Sizes
    When using Mint, WordPress creates the following post images/thumbs from the images you upload.
    •Widgets : 420x 260
    •Slider : 1140x 300 (but images are stretched to 100% width since slider is a full width slider in this theme)
    •Single : 955x 590

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    The widget lets you choose other sizes to show too, so pretty flexible really. Almost impossible to have a generic one size fits all. Change sizes is as before, define a function in the child theme. You could also add additional sizes, if you need to use in different places.

    With regards slider, as docs say it is full width, but fixed height, so will always stretch/crop somehow. If you need something else, then you can just slide in a widget to replace the slider with something else. We use the revolution slider on livingos.com (which is running Grow).

    In our child themes we often add an option to add a different header image than the feature image. this is easy too with one simple function and action hook added to the child theme:

    function livingos_post_img_before_title(){
        $src = get_post_meta($post->ID, 'post-header-image', TRUE);
        if ( $src !='' ){
            echo '<img class="aligncenter" src="' . $src . '" alt="'. trim(strip_tags( $post->post_title )) .'" >';

    This puts the header before the title though, using the livingos_post_before hook. There would be ways of puttign the header image in other places too.


    Roger Leitch
    Post count: 56

    Thanks – I am getting there.

    To summarise my understanding:

    In a feature post – used for sliders, we should use a “slider” image size / ratio of 1140 x 300
    (Good idea to avoid circular objects in the images as they are stretched to 100% width) .

    In a post / page where you want it reached via a widget thumbnail, set the featured image size/ratio to “widget” 420x 260.

    Featured images are not displayed on pages, even with post-image-head set to 1.

    You can include an image – “single” with size/ratio 955x 590, which will fill the width of a standard page template.

    My original concern was to do with Featured images being used as a page featured image AND also being used as a widget image. This results in the widget version being cropped.

    If I do not enable the feature image option in GROW and instead use “single” images in posts / pages, then there are no issues because the featured image is only used for widgets..

    In one of my other sites with the PURE theme, I am using the featured image on pages, so using my custom sizes of half / quarter of the featured image size for widgets works fine.

    Hope this explanation helps others.

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