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    Nick Truscott
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    Here’s a question not just for Tim but for any Themeloom buff who fancies a challenge.

    I’m redeveloping a site that was built using the “green” theme – with a fixed header with lots custom CSS etc. because a full width header had been designed. The theme was, of course, NOT responsive. You can see the original site here:

    I chose Xi to rebuild the theme because (a) I am growing in confidence with the theme (b) always great support 🙂 (c) it does all of what we want to do. You can see the site under development here:

    I managed to “fudge” a header background image and with some finangling got my cropped version of the custom header image to be aligned when the page is showing full width. But when viewed on a smaller screen sadly it looks really ugly, with the navigation all over the place and just looks bad.

    Obviously, the ultimate solution is to have the custom image reworked to be transparent and not have the constraining horizontal line in the header background, etc. so whatever size it was viewed on there would not be a problem – but the family I am helping went to a lot of trouble (and the graphics person did too) to come up with the designed image/look.

    PLEASE take note – this is NOT a criticsm of the theme at all. I am just trying to explore all possible solutions before I HAVE to get the custom header image redesigned.

    Any suggestions or advice I can try out would be HUGELY appreciated.



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    The image needs reworking. In a responsive theme this image must resize as browser scales.

    The problem with your header is that it includes background elements (i.e. the blue horizontal and brown texture). These already exist in your background and when you resize they no longer match. In fact on my browser they are out of line at full size.

    Rework the image and remove background elements.


    Nick Truscott
    Post count: 67

    Thanks Tim – they’ve decided to stick with what they have 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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