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    Guy Hall

    For our church site I’m creating a media page that will contain embedded sermon videos from Vimeo. I’d like to have the video on the left with the sermon title, date, Scripture and bulletin link to the right of the video.

    I’m not easily figuring out how to do this. I’ve played with a 2 column layout but things shift around on me. I do like the Media Box that’s available, but how can I place the text to the right of the video?


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    Create a 2 column layout by inserting the code with the 2 column button.

    The box styles are best applied to a separate element to the columns, So create div or p tag inside the column where you want the box (the right column). You can then add the class to it either in the html editor or by selecting it (the status bar at the bottom of the visual editor shows you what you have selected) and selecting the style.

    <div class="media">
    <p>Media Box</p>

    In the end the buttons and styles are just html tags. With a small amount of html you can create quite complex layouts. And if you are doing anything on the web knowing a small amount of html is really quite useful.

    Then put the video in the left column. Though this does depend on how you insert the video.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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