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    Roger Leitch
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    To clarify my understanding of the theme Gallery Template:

    In a page, select the gallery theme, then use the custom fields to control what and how it is displayed. This will then display posts which match the category name, laid out using the posts per row & page settings.

    Is my understanding correct?

    I found the insert image on a page also has an insert gallery option.
    I tried this and it inserted a gallery ok.
    Images uploaded for that page are automatically added to the gallery.

    Just want to confirm, that the page Gallery is not connected to the theme gallery template.

    The page based gallery seems to not work too well – are these issues a problem with wordpress or the theme?
    1. Unable to define image order by number.
    2. The featured image automatically gets included in the gallery, which is a problem as it is a different size. These is no way to exclude an image apart from deleting it.


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    The gallery page is not connected to the gallery template. You are correct. The gallery insert is a WordPress features. The Gallery template is just a different way of displaying your posts.

    Image order is always going to be by date since they are posts. We could add random ordering, but this doesn’t seem that useful. You can edit the post publish dates if you need to tweak the order.

    The featured image automatically gets included because that’s the image we are using.You can exclude the post from the gallery category if you don’t want it included. Posts can belong to more than one category so this is very easy.

    Another way of displaying images of posts/pages is to use the show posts/pages widget and/or its shortcode. This also though uses featured images, but using pages you can at least use the menu order field to order them.


    Roger Leitch
    Post count: 56

    Thanks. you have comfirmed what I had deduced by trying stuff out.

    What I am trying currently is a page, where I have inserted a number of 2 columns “blocks”, with a top link in between.
    In each column block I have inserted a picture, using the caption option to display descriptions for the images.

    This has effectively created a static gallery, with the option to add text between the pairs of images.

    I think I need to evaluate using posts and the gallery template that comes with the theme.
    (I assume, it is just a case of using the categories to control what is included, e.g. I may want multiple galleries for different subjects and only have those posts appear in those galleries and not elsewhere on the site).

    Bottom line is that perhaps some more “how to use the theme” articles and example may help people learning wordpress and your themes.


    Post count: 730

    Yes, I think using multiple categories is the best approach.

    The docs are always a work in progress, but there are also plenty of other resources on WordPress basics.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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