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    Rebecca OGrady-Marshall
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    I’m using Xi theme this is my first time creating a child theme and have created a theme under:

    public_html/forums/wp-content/themes/Xi Child Theme

    I have a style.css and a functions.php

    The writing in the style.css mirrors the writing in the Xi dark child theme but with my own child theme name.

    but what do I do now? there is nothing under the ‘themes’ in my dashboard to activate and when I copy and paste (from support) into the folders nothing seems to happen.

    the main reason for doing this was to get rid of the breadcrumbs and have the groups open into the forums instead of home.

    I got rid of breadcrumbs by going into the main theme.

    I have been following another thread,http://themekraft.com/customize-profile-and-group-menus-in-buddypress/
    which said to create a file inside the folder wp-content/plugins and add a file called bp-custom.php

    I’ve been following these instructions and nothing has happened, well, that’s not true, I had code appear in my header as I didn’t have the php opening and closing bit (I’m a beginner and didn’t know about this) and I’ve also had my pages not open on me, where I went and deleted what I had just put in.

    I can delete the file I created under plugins, so I feel safe-ish having tried using that but would like to know more about how to activate the child theme and how to use it to have the groups open onto the forums tab and hide/remove the ‘home’ tab on groups.

    Any help is appreciated,

    thank you!


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    With regards the child theme, using the Dark child them is a reasonable starting point. Change the name in style.css, but the name you have given to the new folder should not have spaces in it.

    To remove breadcrumbs you need to edit the functions.php in the child theme and use

    function los_child_setup() {
    	remove_theme_support( 'livingos_breadcrumbs' );
    add_action( 'after_setup_theme', 'los_child_setup', 11 );

    See http://themeloom.com/support/framework-codex/developers/adding-and-removing-support-for-features/

    Creating a bp-custom.php is specific to BuddyPress and probably not a ‘beginner’ task!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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