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    Roger Leitch
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    In the wordpress theme page I uploaded pure version 2.0, made it active.
    I then uploaded the pure child theme, updated the files with my changes, then made the child theme active.

    The site works as expected – my custom changes in the child theme are applied ok.

    In the wordpress theme page it now shows the wordpress Twenty Eleven theme as being the active one rather than the pure child theme.

    (The child theme is not listed even though it is both installed and active).

    Am I doing something wrong or is there a setting wrong in the child theme?


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    That sounds a bit strange.

    The child theme seems OK here. Perhaps some of your changes in style.css are causing the issue. WordPress looks at the header for its info, so if there are any missing elements or comment characters, this might be the cause.

    Check style.css carefully. Try the style.css that came with our child theme to see if that fixes it. Then you’ll know where the problem lies.


    Roger Leitch
    Post count: 56

    Sorted – the header section had become wrapped – one of those windows/linux/file editing things.

    I also added a screenshot image for the child theme by editing the original theme screenshot file and adding “child” in big letters. Helps avoid confusion.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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