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    Nick Truscott
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    I am trying to implement a small woocommerce shop on a charity website. It looks so much better than the previous shop BUT I am struggling with getting the display right (LOOP).

    I’ve attempted to follow the woocommerce instructions to add a woocommerce.php file to the theme with no success because the PHP in Pure is different.

    If anyone has managed to implement woocommerce in Pure I would love to hear from them – or indeed in any other themeloom theme as it may help to give some clues on a fix.




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    We only offer Woocommerce support in our Grow theme, but you converting Pure shouldn’t be too hard.

    Base on these instructions:


    Create a a copy of page.php and replace the contents of the while loop with

    < ?php woocommerce_content(); ?>


    Nick Truscott
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    I have tried that but the simple approach didnt work except for wide page template. I’ve got a sort of makeshift, doesnt always work but looks vaguely acceptable sort of fix up at the moment.

    Woocommerce is way better out of the box than The Cartpress which I had used before, but woocommerce support and plugins are so expensive especially for something like a charity/ngo.

    I have no PHP skills so it’s maybe more work than I want/need to do to make it really really slick.

    I’ll try and move them over to Grow this year but they are not keen on the design of it (although I like it very much – see our new home at alekovo.com)

    Thanks Tim

    (PS: did you see the email I sent you about RTL Lush??)

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