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    Robert DeGray
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    I’m not sure how to resolve this, but we’ve hit yet another global-namespace conflict between Xi and a plugin (Events Calendar Pro). Both use an ID of “ajax-loading” for a spinner type of animated gif, but where the plugin explicitly uses an img and doesn’t style the element, Xi uses a bunch of custom styling, including a background-image and location.

    I was thinking my only workaround that wouldn’t require re-making it on every plugin or theme upgrade would be to override the styles for the ID whenever it appears in the particular location in the DOM that matches where the plugin places it, but that’s going to be a real pain to try to override all those Xi styles. It would be easier to instead make Xi’s style.css qualify it to only where it’s used in the (gallery) pages, but that will get overwritten 🙁

    It seems like there ought be some WordPress guideline here for keeping plugins and themes from stepping on each other? Always use qualified CSS identifiers like los-ajax-loading, maybe?

    Yes, I’ve posted in the plugin’s support forums too. If either had used unique style identifiers, there wouldn’t be an issue. But I think because Xi actually style the ID, you guys have an even greater responsibility to ensure it’s not an ID that could be used anywhere else. The plugin doesn’t style it, just uses it for locating the element later.

    So… any chance a future patch could rename the element and style to prepend a unique qualifier?


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    Sure, we’ll take a look at that. It would be easy for us to change that and agree it could be better named.

    We’ll try and release something in the next update.


    Robert DeGray
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    Thank you, sir!

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