Creating a Launch Page for WordPress

We just added a new Launch Page Template and a countdown timer to our Lush theme (other themes will get them soon too!). Its pretty cool – a nice fully centred container that will sit on whatever background you have set up.


If you are launching a new web site, service or event then having a landing page with a countdown to launch and a call to action is a great way of building up interest before launch. No need to install lots of other plugins, the Lush theme now does it out of the box. See the demo which is currently counting down to next Friday!

How to Create a Launch/Landing Page

1. Create a new page. This will contain the content of the launch box.

2. Set the page template to ‘Launch‘.

3. Add some content to the page. You could add text, buttons, logos, maybe even a form.

4. Add the countdown timer shortcode to the page content (if you need one).


5. Save and view page.

Easy, really!

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