A Facebook widget for responsive themes

Yep, you asked for it, now you got it. The latest version of the ThemeLoom Widgets has just been released and now includes a Facebook Page Feed widget.

screenshot-3Why you need a new widget

A Facebook Page is a powerful tool for building community around your brand or organisation. Showing your facebook page feed on your WordPress site is a great way to help draw in the crowd.

The problem is that the standard facebook widgets are fixed width and come with heavy styling, making them a bit of a pain when trying to create a professional looking WordPress site. They are generally rather ugly and are useless for responsive web sites.

Our new Facebook Page Feed Widget overcomes this by pulling the page feed using the Facebook Graph API. This allows us to present the feed in a way that suits us and styled how we like it.

The widget also caches the feed, drastically improving performance and page load times over other widgets too.

Using the Widget

You will need to create a facebook app using your facebook user account and you will need to grab the ID of the page you want to use.

Widget Options

Widget Options


The Wonderful ThemeLoom Widgets

The widget is bundled with our growing library of useful widgets called ThemeLoom Widgets and is freely available through the the WordPress plugin repository.

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