A responsive WordPress theme that is ‘Mint’

After great feedback from users of the Xi and Pure themes, we are launching another responsive, BuddyPress compatible theme. It is called Mint.

Mint: Adj. Excellent, wonderful.

Mint is built on the same framework as Pure and Xi, so what’s new with Mint?

  • a fresh responsive layout
  • background images responsively stretch (optional)
  • a new way to handle navigation menus responsively
  • updates to the framework which include improved buttons and icons
  • BuddyPress continues to prove popular and this theme is ready to roll

Anyway, as always there is a demo so check it out. And of course we’ll be around to help you get the best from the theme.

10 thoughts on “A responsive WordPress theme that is ‘Mint’

  1. Tim, I like the look of your new theme. With Mint, is it possible to upload a jpeg into the header as a title from the theme control panel, and will this image resize when the page size is adjusted? On your demo, the images in your gallery open posts when clicked. Is it possible to have photos open on their own, hoovering over the page? Finally, can the white page container be made transparent (so that the background image shows through) using the control panel or would this require coding? Thanks.

  2. Hi Alan,

    You can upload a logo into the header space. You can also allow the site title to show there (currently disabled on demo). You can’t fill the header with an image. Personally I think that would be way too much visually, with the slider as well and a background image – overload!

    The gallery is a gallery of posts. There are various plugins around that offer image galleries.

    Making the background transparent, would require coding. Changing the background would be one line, but the problem would be that you would need to give all the elements contained in the page some kind of background to make them readable over the image.

  3. There are two blog templates. One with icons and one without! The one without will also show large post images if featured image set.

  4. Thanks for the information, Tim. I am interested to know whether your theme is compatible with the plugin WordPress SEO. Does Mint have any inbuilt SEO functions and, if so, can these be switched off?

  5. Nothing other than clean good markup. We feel additional options to override titles etc, should be left to the user’s choice of plugins. There are several plugins around, and it depends at what level they work how well they work and with which themes.

    But we are always willing to help integrate with popular plugins, provided they are doing things the ‘right’ way!

  6. Hi, i´m planning to buy this great theme. I would like to know if its compatible with wp 3.4.1 y BP 1.5.7. Thank you.

  7. Hello! Is it possible to make the text containers transparent so that the backgroundpicture is visible through them?


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