Tips: What you can do with Xi & the ThemeLoom Widgets

One of the great features of the Xi theme, is the bundled ThemeLoom widgets. In particular the Show Posts and Show Pages widgets are pretty unique in the way they allow you to create layouts (one to four columns) of posts/pages, with or without thumbs in any widgetized area.

When you install Xi for the first time, you are given a blank canvas. The five widgetized areas of the home page are left empty on purpose, giving you an enormous amount of flexibility. By adding the Show Posts and Show Pages widgets to your home page, you can create all sorts of results.

With Show Pages, create a whole set of child pages with feature images and then use the widget to show thumbs of all child pages of a specified parent page.

The Show Posts widget does a similar job with posts, allowing you to select a category from which to display a layout of posts.

And if this wasn’t enough there is also a shortcode and visual editor button to insert the same features into any page or post.

And so you might end up with…




Of course there are lots of other widgets you can use with the Xi theme too, but it is a very flexible theme.

We hope to release these widgets for other themes soon too, so watch this space.

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