Tips: Getting the exact thumbnails you want

Themes like Xi and Kappa (optional in Kappa) use the built-in WordPress image sizing features. There is no need for timthumb in this case.

But one of the problems of creating thumbnails, and this is true of timthumb as well, is that if your different image sizes have different aspect ratios, then the crop that is generated doesn’t always look great.

Problems with WordPress Image Editor

The WordPress image editor allows you to create a crop of your orginal image, but it only changes the deafult WP images sizes (thumb, medium, large etc) and doesn’t touch the custom sizes that themes like Xi rely on. The “save all sizes” option does not change the custom sizes. It is a little confusing, but it is only when you regenerate your thumbnails using a plugin or individually in the Media section of the dashboard are your images resized/cropped.

WordPress Image Editor does NOT save Custom Sizes

This is clearly a limitation of the current release of WordPress and perhaps it will be improved.

Use the Post Thumbnail Editor Plugin

This limitation has not gone unnoticed. We have come across one awesome plugin that allows you to create indivudally cropped images for each image size in your theme.

The tool is accessible from inside the Media section of the dashboard or from inside the Insert Media dialog. Clicking thumbnails brings up an interface that lets you manage your thumb edits.

Post Thumbnail Editor

This works pretty well, but be warned that if you at a future point, regenerate your thumbs, you will loose the individual crops.

But for now this is a really useful tool, for those looking for perfect crops in their thumbs.

Download the plugin here.

2 thoughts on “Tips: Getting the exact thumbnails you want

  1. OK, I am not as savvy as I wish on this plugin. I am getting horrible results. It is not changing the thumbnail, it is cropping the original, slider sized image. The documentation is so scant on this plugin, tim, do you think you could patiently walk us thorugh how you used it. Did you try it on any existing image files or only newly uplloaded ones. Did you re-run regenerate thumbs after installing Post Thumbnail Editor plugin, but before starting to edit images?
    Why are all of my crops only the dimensions of the original image (if slider size it is only allowing me to crop a region that still has the same proportions)?
    Which settings did you choose on the settings menu for Post THumbnail Editor plugin after you installed it?
    So many questions!

    I humbly hope you can help us hopeful web servants t launch this scalable theme!
    Regards! Jerry

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