A new theme called Pure just landed

We are proud to announce the launch of a new theme here on the loom. Built on the same framework as Xi, this theme brings a contemporary feel with support for BuddyPress. It also has a responsive design, HTML5 and benefits from all the goodies that come with our new framework.

Find out more or just head for demo now.

Oh and it is the first theme we have published here that isn’t named with a Greek letter. We ran out of letters!

5 thoughts on “A new theme called Pure just landed

  1. Hi Laurent.
    bbPress is not so theme dependent. The demo is running BuddyPress 1.5 which actually uses bbPress 2 for the forums.

    Certainly if there are any issues with bbPress standalone, we’ll make sure they are rectified.

  2. I plan to use sitewide bbPress 2.0 si I hope it would work OK 🙂

    Another question :
    What about full localization (.po/.mo files) ?

  3. How easy is it with your theme to insert some Buddypress content in a page ? With some shortcode ?
    I want to have on my homepage somtething like some content from “Buddypress Activity”, some “latest posts” and some static content.

  4. Actually putting any content is pretty easy with Pure and Xi, because it is all done with widgets. Everything, apart from the slider on the preview site home pages are widgets. In this case mostly the powerful themeloom widgets that come with the themes. But because it is widgetized you can use any BuddyPress content widget. BP installs some and there are others around.

    With regards language options, both Xi and Pure come with the English po/mo files ready for localization.

    If you have more questions, feel free to use the contact form.

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