Xi 1.3 Released, now with BuddyPress support

This latest release of Xi, the responsive WordPress theme, includes support for BuddyPress. In case you hadn’t heard BuddyPress turns your WordPress site into a full-blown social network.

BuddyPress is installed as a WordPress plugin, so isn’t too difficult, but you do need a compatible WordPress theme. Xi now has support built-in, but it is disabled by default (no point loading stuff if your don’t need it).

Enable Xi BuddyPress Support

Update: BuddyPress is enabled as an option the theme options from version 1.4 of Xi.
You can enable the BuddyPress support in Xi, by adding the following line of code to your functions.php file, either in the main Xi theme folder or in a child theme. This will load the additional CSS and JavaScript code to support BuddyPress.

You will also want to add links to the main BuddyPress pages in your menu somewhere, using the WordPress menu builder. The complete set is:

  • http://yourdomain.com/activity/
  • http://yourdomain.com/members/
  • http://yourdomain.com/groups/
  • http://yourdomain.com/forums/
  • http://yourdomain.com/blogs/

You can read more about BuddyPress and how to install here.

View Main Demo of Xi | View Demo of Xi running BuddyPress

A few Screenshots of Xi running BuddyPress

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