Delta Theme gets an update

We have just updated the popular FREE Delta theme to make it easier to use and included support for some of the new WordPress features, such as the Menu Builder.

This is version 2.0 of the theme and will only run on WordPress 3 upwards. The theme now includes support for the following features:

  • Support for new menu builder.
  • Custom header support via dashboard.
  • Full widget support (left sidebar, right sidebar2 and welcome text area)
  • Support for threaded comments.

You can download the theme from here.

6 thoughts on “Delta Theme gets an update

  1. I have had problems getting the header image to display in secondary pages. In the end I edited page.php to add a div with an id of main to match the code in index.php and it now works.

    Is this due to an error in this release?

  2. Sorry to be such a dummy, but I have just taken on the administration of this site. I have some embarrassingly basic questions.

    1. I cannot work out how to change the top-left menu. It is not from a widget but seems to be build into the theme. How can I change the pages that are accessed via that menu, and add or delete menu items? When I edit a page, I cannot find any check-box to make it accessible via that menu.

    2. How can I change the wiggly hover underline in that menu to a more conventional colour change etc?

    Many thanks


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