Mu gets support for WordPress 3 and the Menu Builder

We have released a major update to the Mu theme today to add support for WordPress 3 and the new Menu Builder. Existing users can download the latest version of the theme from the download page in Your Loom.

What’s New?

  • Both menus in the theme can now support the Menu Builder introduced in WordPress 3. Select the option in the Mu Theme Options and start building some menus.
  • The theme is now available as one single package that includes all design flavours. Previous releases were available in different flavours. These are now bundled together and all existing customers can access the new download.
  • To support the single package the behavour of background options has changed slightly. Only if the bg image and color are set do they override the currently selected stylesheet.

Download the update in the usual way or preview and purchase the theme from the theme’s homepage.

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