WordPress 3 is coming…

The next release of WordPress is likely to be one of the most anticipated releases to date. As well as bringing the single and multi-site versions of the software together, this next release has a number of promising new features that many have been waiting for.

For those using WordPress for church and other CMS applications, perhaps the most significant changes are the new menu builder and the introduction of new post types. While harnessing the potential of post types will depend on plugin developers producing new offerings, the menu builder will help users with the one thing that I get asked about the most. With the new menu builder you will be able to create your own menu heirachies including links to pages, posts or any url. You just need a theme that supports it…

LivingOS ThemeLoom Themes and 3.0

So what about the Loom’s themes? Well the first theme to take advantage of some of the new features will be the Mu theme. A new release of the theme will be available shortly after release of WordPress 3 that will include support for the new menu builder.

Waiting in the wings is also a new theme from the Loom which will also build on some of the new features and experience of Mu. The KAPPA theme will be available here in the next few weeks, and will include support for the menu builder and WordPress native thumbnails.

Other themes will also be updated to support new features like the menu builder in due course.

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