LivingOS Theme site gets a new look and a new name

I have been developing WordPress themes and helping churches harness the potential of this great tool for over five years now. I felt it was time for a fresh approach and to create a site more focussed on creativity and user support. And so born today is the LivingOS Theme Loom.

The Loom will continue to offer access to all previous LivingOS WordPress themes, but will increasingly look to provide themes that match the latest standards in web design and offer support for the features of the latest versions of WordPress. The Mu theme, released last year is the first in what hopes to be a long line of creative, easy to use and highly functional designs that will emerge from the Loom.

Along side the new look and name made possible by the KAPPA theme, is the opportunity for users to become members of the Loom. Premium theme purchasers will automatically gain lifetime membership of the loom, but other users can also subscribe, gaining access to priority support and other benefits.

And yes the KAPPA theme, on view here will be released on the Loom in the next few weeks. So watch this space.

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